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Grandiflora have Australia’s largest range of new and traditional cut rose varieties.  Available all year round, our comprehensive range of fresh roses provides an unparalleled diversity of colour range and form. And Grandiflora’s collection is always expanding as new rose varieties and colours are introduced.

Grandiflora cut roses have an extended vase life and superior freshness; they last much longer than conventional rose varieties. Grandiflora’s unwavering commitment to quality and freshness means longer lasting blooms for customers. 

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Grandiflora's one hundred hectares of prime agricultural land is situated in Skye (Victoria), with access to all major road links for efficient distribution. Grandiflora send roses all around Australia via refrigerated truck transportation only, not by air freight transportation. Our innovative bar-coding and tagging system allows easy tracing, and exact ordering of rose varieties.

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Grandiflora sells direct to florists at the National Flower Centre, West Melbourne and at our head office premises located in Skye (Victoria), and via wholesalers. Find your nearest Grandiflora wholesaler by selecting your state.

There are no limitations on florists’ creativity using Grandiflora cut roses.  Bridal bouquets, floral arrangements and displays are breathtakingly impressive with our diverse rose varieties. Customers appreciate the beauty of Grandiflora’s roses, and the skill florists’ harness to create stunning arrangements. Our roses simply shine.

Many customers now ask for Grandiflora cut roses by name. Our fresh roses are always in demand, and stocking Grandiflora roses is good business sense for florists.

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